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BMW N54 - 135/335/535/Z/1M Boost Leak Tester for MMP STOCK LOCATION INLETS

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Product Description

This twin turbo Boost Leak Tester kit mounts the inlets of your MMP stock location upgraded silicon intake.  Simply remove the air filters and mount both testers onto the aluminum pipes (2.0").  Both testers must be installed at the same time and this allow pressure to be built up in the system without venting through the second  turbo.  You'll be able to test for all leaks from the intake to the motor checking all leak points in between, including intercooler, clamped connections, diverter valves or BOV if installed, intake manifold seals, valve cover leaks any many other potential leak points.  

Note the N54 cylinder head has small ports in the intake ports that allows boost to enter into valve cover and crank case.  So during normal boosting some pressure will be lost.   Supplied with this kit is a rubber cap to plug the crank case vent port on the back of valve cover to prevent this boost from venting to atmosphere.  Plugging this is also necessary if running a catch can setup that is open to atmosphere.  

This kit also comes standard with a 30-PSI gauge, threaded tire valve stem fitting and (4) stainless steel T-bolt clamps.  

The top-mounted threaded boost gauge allows the user to easily read the pressure in the system o prevent over pressurizing.


Kit contains:

  • 2 boost leak testers, one side for fill (30 psi gauge, tire valve stem fitting), other side as a blank
  • 4 stainless steel T-bolt clamps
  • 1 rubber cap for valve cover crank case vent port
  • 2 rubber caps for diverter valves

Compatible with:

Compatible with vehicles:

  • N54 engine in any 135, 335, 535, z4, 1M
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