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  • B5 S4 Boost Leak Tester for 2.7t engines
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  • Tire Valve Stem or Compressor Fitting Options.
Recommended tire valve stem for ease and ability to read pressure bleed.
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  • Attach boost leak tester at the y-pipe inlet as shown.

Audi S4 2.7T

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Product Description

Boost Leak Tester for your s4's y-pipe inlet. Comes standard with a cap for your crank case vent, 30 psi gauge, tire valve stem fitting and one stainless steel T-Bolt clamp.

Fit this over your Y-pipe, and clamp it down.  The vinyl cap is used to cap the crankcase ventillation flange off the y-pipe to inhibit the test pressure from escaping through the crank case ventillation valve and into the crankcase.  Use the provided zip tie to secure it.

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