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  • Actual product shown.  Add the 2nd t-bolt clamp as an option
  • Option: Tire valve stem or compressor fitting

Subaru Legacy GT - Stock Intake (Upto 2003)

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Product Description

Easiest way to test a Subaru!

Boost leak test at the intake pipe that is right after the maf housing and save yourself time and hassle!  Avoids removing the intake to access the turbo as it sits underneath the manifold and is difficult to access. It is always recommended to remove the oil cap during testing as the object of the test is to check the charge pipes for leaks and assure the turbo will run healthy by not overspinning to compensate for a boost leak. Keeping the crank system sealed by keeping the oil cap on will pressurize the crankcase and not recommended in these vehicles.  

Comes standard with a silicon coupler, 30-PSI gauge, threaded tire valve stem fitting and one stainless steel T-bolt clamp.  Choose the option to add a second T-bolt clamp.

The Top-mounted threaded boost gauge to easily read the pressure in the system while testing without having to run into the driver's seat to read the boost. Recommended gauges options of 15-PSI for stock boost cars, 30-PSI for tuned cars and 60-PSI for higher boost.

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