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Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost I-4


Product Description

Boost leak test your 2.3L Ecoboost and ensure the turbo is running healthy!

This boost leak tester mounts right on to the turbo inlet flange.  By removing the intake pipe it is relatively easy access to the turbo's inlet flange, which is where the boost leak tester is installed.  Adding compressed air through the tester pressurizes the whole air path that typically sees pressure while the turbo is boosting.  This includes the charge pipes, the connections to the inter cooler, the intercooler itself, all seals, injector seals and all the boost/vacuum lines that are connected to the intake manifold.  Basically this test allows pressure to test from the turbo to the motor checking all leak points in between.

The kit comes standard with a silicon coupler, 30-PSI gauge, threaded tire valve stem fitting and (2) stainless steel T-bolt clamps.  

The top-mounted boost gauge allows you to easily read the pressure in the system while testing without having to run into the driver's seat to read the boost. 

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