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BMW 535i 535xi 3.0L Twin Turbo


Product Description

Test your BMW twin turbo the easy way!

This Boost Leak Tester kit mounts inside both of the flexible intake hoses that lead to your turbo's compressor inlet flanges.  The intake hoses are exposed after removing the airbox. One side is used to pressurize the system and the other cap is used to block the air pressure from escaping out of the turbo.  You'll be able to test from the turbo to the motor checking all leak points in between, including intercooler, clamped connections, intake manifold, divertor valves and the many random potential leak points.

Comes standard with a 2 end caps, one with a 30-PSI gauge, threaded tire valve stem fitting and the other is a blank to cap off the air pressure from escaping out the other turbo.  Also 2 vinyl caps to plug the divertor valve returns, and a pair (2) of stainless steel worm gear clamps.  Choose the option to upgrade to (2) T-bolt clamps.

Included is the top-mounted threaded boost gauge to easily read the pressure in the system while testing without having to run into the driver's seat to read the boost. 

Note: Testing at the intake pipe, you may hear noise coming from the o-ring (at ~12psi test pressure) that seals the intake pipe to the turbo inlet from debris.  This is not a boost leak, these are not meant to see boost and not intended to be perfectly sealed, however hearing this hissing may be mis-diagnosed as a leak.

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